Design research - monitoring app

If you had access to an innovative monitoring app built for Mac,
which data you will be interested the most to check.
This app will have two modes, Real Time and History. Will you be interested to compare data with a more powerful machine? like comparing productivity, compiling time, etc.
Which monitoring app you are currently using if you are have one? What do you like the most about it?
What is missing?

Monitoring for what? The weather? Productivity? Performance?

I suppose Mac performance.

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There are already 13-in-a-dozen monitor apps. It seems totally unnecessary to add another one. Don’t waste your time in that.

I can’t think of anything I need that I don’t already have, but don’t be discouraged. If we don’t code, we don’t learn, and we don’t innovate. You may not have the next great idea right now, but it might come to you in the process. Either way, we sharpen our skills and expand our knowledge when we’re working, and that’s a good thing.


One feature will be about the monitoring of remote Macs. Not just your Mac. :slight_smile:

remote desktop already does it? and there is VNC ?

It’s not about controlling a machine, it’s about remote monitoring of data, behavior, performance.

ah yes cool ! :slight_smile:
like zabbix or something ?
there was a xojo app sometime ago for monitoring linux server, forgot name

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Voila, Local and remote, history and real time. High quality user experience, design.

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Well for a start - on all the family devices - Mac’s and iPads and phones

  • who picked it up or logged in, where and when, and when they logged out. And sent to my email address, daily.

While you won’t get that past the privacy nazis most of that I’m sure it is already captured in system logs if i bothered to poke around.