Design Pattern

There is (to date) two articles in Xojo Blog about Design Patterns:

Design Patterns in Xojo: Singleton: Singleton
Design Patterns in Xojo: Observer: Part 1

After a simple search, I found this article: Java Design Patterns. (many advertising popover likes…)

There are others like JavaScript Design Patterns - no advertising, but far from intuitive !

What is your feeling about the tutorial from ?

The blogspot dot-country (.fr above) will certainly change depending on your country (to .com thru .in to…).

there was also a web conference about this subject I remember watching it.

My favorite book for this is Head First Design Patterns.

Thanks for the answers…

Nota: Amazon have work on their plate if they want to sold these books. The description (if you do not know the concept yet) is not attractive at all, and the newest edition is… unavailable !

Sometimes I wonder (how these people have a job and so many does not !). ;-:slight_smile: