Design ideas for making my project come to life ?

I’m working on a Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming system for non-engineers.
Somting like this:

The programming interface is built around a canvas control that saves the content as an XML file.
This I already have made. Check :slight_smile:

The idea is to download this XML file to an embedded (ARM based… hopefully soon…) Linux device that will interpret/parse the data every 250 ms from the XML file and do the job out in the field. The application running on the Linux devive will be a consol daemon application.

This XML file will contain much information that the field device don’t need to know. Example is the position of FBD blocks and links between these on the canvas. One of the design goals are that the technician could connect to the Linux device without the original files on his computer and change the running program.

It would be easy to transfer this file with FTP to the Linux device, but I would like to monitor the datapoints and make changes online on the running program by the technicians remote laptop.

Do I have to constantly upload the entire file to the technicians laptop for the monitoring purpose ?
Or could I only upload some of the child/node objects of the file ?
How to do this file operation with a TCP socket ?
Maybe SOAP instad of XML would do the trick ?

Or could I skip the windows application and make a web based application on the linux device to change the running program ? Is the web based canvas control as powerful as the desktop based one?

Many questions, hopefully you have some answers for me.