Design Awards 2016 Entry Form??

Having seen the announcement from Dana for the Design Awards 2016 - I followed the link but there is no entry form there. I’d love to enter, where can I find a form?

Send an email with the following info to

Application Name: (As it would appear on the award)
Application Category: (Choose from iOS App, Business App, Consumer App, Cross-Platform App, Developer Tools)
Developer (Your company’s name):
Primary Contact Name:
Contact’s Email Address:
Contact’s Phone Number:
Developer Website:
Application Direct Download Link (NOTE: Please include any license information or login credentials for web apps):

The entry information is on the bottom of this page:

On the bottom, I see a large white area only, below “Direkt download link:”.

Probably I regret the absence of some Flash or similar interpreter?

This is part of the form, it’s the link to YOUR application.

I see, there is not a formula, but just the text written to be copied.

Like Norman wrote above. :slight_smile:

I think the idea was you’re supposed to submit something existing, and therefore would not need more than a month to submit the form.

Exactly right! It’s not something where you design something new for the awards (unless you want to), but instead submit the great things you’ve already made! :slight_smile:

Hi Dana, do entries have to be in by tomorrow? I previously thought Monday 15th was allowable too?

I have clarified my post. We will accept entries on the 15th (Monday).

Don’t worry about submitting Gavin – I have this wrapped up – mwuhoohahahaha :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was just checking on your behalf :wink: