Deprecated functions?

whenever I try to implement a new function I cannot make it work (even following its documentation), if I use the deprecated one everything is smooth.
It’s me, for sure, but it is frustrating.

Hi @Armando_SORBI ,

May you show to us some snippet of code about the ones you are having problems with, please? Is that on Desktop, Web, iOS…?

That way maybe we can point you in the right direction or find what is going wrong :wink:

I found the problem: I was using the new function with the old arguments (or what I thought were the arguments to be used).
I think they work now.

Thank you anyway

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Are the bad arguments taken from the Language Reference? If the LR is wrong and has the old arguments for the new function, please fill a bug report; we will all benefit from an update.

No, I don’t think so. I’ll check it but I’m pretty sure it was just me