Deprecated eSellerate plugin appears to be temperamental on Yosemite.

While updating one of applications to run on Yosemite, I’ve had a rash of people who are now unable to activate the application on Yosemite. It seems to be a bit flaky as it works for us and some customers and doesn’t for others. When it doesn’t work, the customers get the generic “Call was unsuccessful” message.

Checking the activation failures shows very little and with John (from eSellerate’s support), I’m guessing that simply put, on some Yosemite systems eSellerate’s activation functions in their plugin fail.

The only solution I have at the moment to deactivate the ‘Activation’ code or force all users to use manual activation.

Well, that might be the final nail in the eSellerate coffin. I haven’t had any support tickets on this yet.

Let’s hope it stays that way, I rather stupidly made my eSellerate apps re-activate with a new version, so all the people updating to the Yosemite compatible version (not via App Store) are having to re-activate and I’m getting quite a few (one or two customers a day).

Ah. Well, let’s hope it’s not a widespread issue then.

How goes the new licensing library?

eSellerate’s library or the new system I’m using in AW3?

To what you’re using in AW3.

So far so good, we had a couple of teething issues, which turned out to be my issues more than anything. A bug in my code and displaying the Paddle purchase pages in an iFrame doesn’t work.

It’s also still very early at this point. We’ve been using eSellerate since 2006. In the beginning we were very happy working with them.