Deprecated Class – Once Again

When I open my source file, I get a long list of “This control is based on a deprecated class…” messages. (The Type on these is always “ControlSuper”.) I have shortened the list a lot by changing Static Text to Label in various windows. But I still have a fairly long list.

Example: In “OwnersW.OwnersName” is in the list. But in that window, OwnersName is specified as EditField. What gives?

change EditField to TextEdit in all occurances and you will be good.

The IDE will fix MOST but not all deprecations for you… those where you cast or subclass will have to be done manually

Thanks Dave. Will do. …

I did - and “OwnersW.OwnersName” is no longer on the list. BUT now, in that window, where there used to be an edit field for the user to type in the OwnersName, there is now simply the REALbasic green cube icon !!
Good Grief! What now?

TextEdit should have been TextField.

Thanks - did the trick.