Deprecated and now removed classes

I have a program that uses:

dim e as EditableMovie ... e=f.CreateMovie ... dim q as QTPictureMovieTrackMBS if q.CreateTrack(e,largura,altura) then

What is the new method for that ?

You could move to our MBS AVFoundation Plugin. It has newer functions to create video from images.

You are out of luck with Xojo and will need a third party plugin. I second the MBS one.

@Christian Schmitz , my app is based on the example provided my MBS in the following page:

[code]dim f as FolderItem
dim p as Picture
dim i as integer
dim e as EditableMovie
dim q as QTPictureMovieTrackMBS

q=new QTPictureMovieTrackMBS
// “jpeg”, "rle ", etc.

if q.CreateTrack(e,320,240) then

for i=0 to 255
p.Graphics.FillRect 0,0,320,240

q.AddPicture p

if q.Lasterror<>0 then
  MsgBox str(q.Lasterror)+" addpicture"
end if

MsgBox str(q.Lasterror)
end if[/code]

Could you enlighten me on how to upgrade it to AVFoundation ??

Please Check the example project /AVFoundation/Make Video From Images
Coming with plugins.

This example return a very odd error message for me:

Ok, error solved… File.Lauch was lauching wrong app.
But I have to say, all the logic of video creating changed…

@Christian Schmitz , one more question.
I used q.CompressionCodec="png " with alpha layer. This is essencial to my app.
I cannot find any PNG codec any more in AVFoundation. Do you know if it is possible to use this codec, or any other that has alpha transparecy layer ?

I’m not sure if that is supported.
But we can try with AVVideoCodecAppleProRes4444 as codec (H256 does not allow transparency as far as I know)

Okay. I had to change a function a little bit. But next plugins will have an example.