Deployment to Windows (Installers)

[quote=335971:@Michel Bujardet]The message you see is from SmartScreen, the Windows equivalent of Mac’s GateKeeper.

You need to digitally sign the installer. You can get a certificate for some like $84 at

They also provide free ksign, which is sort of an App Wrapper (much lighter) for Windows.[/quote]
Are they secure?
I tried to check with safari and their page says that my browser is not supported and that I must use Firefox or Safari on mac :frowning:

Strange, since clicking the link Safari on Mac showed the expected page.

This page?

Yes, this page shows the warning: “…use Safari on Mac” even while using Safari.

Clicking on the Buy Now button on this page :

brings me to:

This is different from:

But if you want to pay with paypal…

OK, that page I ran into problem with Chrome also. I am on Windows.

I remember it has something about they having to create something on the browser that you use to make the order with and you have to download the certificate with that browser. I guess probably something might have changed in Chrome (Windows, not sure about Mac) and Safari.

This is what I get with IE:

Cho, this is normal. Just click Yes. The certificate is delivered to the browser with which you ordered. Then you must read how to extract it on their help pages. Their support is also very helpful.

Hi Michel,

I know. I did it before. Was just trying to explain to Antonio (that this is not a security issue).