Deployment Difficulty

Hi Guys,

Finally pulled the trigger on Xojo Cloud. Anxious to give it a try with internal productivity app for my office - easy access on the web! Nothing complex in the Web App.

Deploy seems to have a glitch - all seems well except I get the ‘Try again in a couple of minutes’ message.

I reviewed all of the Xojo Cloud Control Panel buttons, named the server, no SSL Certificate yet. Restarted the server once to see if that could help, still no go and the same message.

Xojo 2014 Release 2. I develop on Mac OSx 10.9.3 & Windows 7 - who the heck knows which revision! - currently trying to deploy from the Mac & Safari

After reading the posts I reset the Deployment Type to CGI & Port to Auto

During the development stage it runs well under ‘debug’ mode in the Xojo IDE


Jon - I need to get some details from you so I will email you.