Deploying static files along with my web app

Hi, I’m new to Xojo. I’m also developing my first web app… My web app needs to create an html file dynamically. When I create the file, I use a generic template file as a starting point. The user can view the generated html file by clicking a WebLink control which points to the URL of the dynamically created html file. My development environment is on Windows 10 but I will be deploying the web app using Xojo Cloud. I am very confused as to where I should store my files.

  1. How do I load my template files to the Xojo Cloud web server so that my web app can access them?
    -SpecialFolder stipulates that only Shared Documents, Documents, and Temporary locations are available for Xojo Cloud.
    -How do those locations correspond to the available destinations in the BuildSettings for CopyFiles which offer App Parent, Resources, Framework, Bundle or Contents.

  2. How do I access my template files from within my code?

  3. with regards to folder location, do I need to write special code for when I’m running the web app from the IDE and for when it will be deployed on the server?

PS. how do I unindent the second list… couldn’t figure it out…

Hi Cris, Have you got this sorted yet or still need some help ?