Deploying and hosting of a Webapp - some questions

to host my webapps, I currently rent my own dedicated server. Now my web host provides me a solution to host my webapps on a normal webhosting-package.

He is about to open some ports for my apps. CGI and Perl are already allowed.

But he has some questions I can’t answer. Can anyone help me?
Here the questions:

  • What’s the target-IP (no dynamic IPs)
  • What’s the Protocoll TCP or UDP
    I have no Idea what’s meant with this…

You might want to direct them to these two pages which might help answer their questions:

You may want to mention that the Perl cgi script talks to the app through a local TCP connection and that the ports are dynamically selected. This, and the fact that your apps are binary and stay running all the time, are the things that usually make hosting companies say that you need your own server.