Deployed Web app examples

My main site which uses WordPress has a menu item to my “Feature Request and Bug Report” which are pages created with Xojo:
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Xojo is great for creating web apps, not so good for creating web sites. This thread has several links to web apps that users have created.

Ralf Van de Ven has found a way to have Google index web apps content. With that technique, building a web site with Xojo becomes more accessible. See

Otherwise, as seen in many projects in this thread, mixing HTML/PHP and Xojo web apps (iFrames or not), is a nice way to have the best of both worlds : ample descriptions indexed by Google in HTML, and nice applications in Xojo.

Here is one I’m working on, it’s still in progress
password: demo

It’s all done with Xojo…

Looks great Ken.

Very nice Ken

[quote=121477:@Tony Davies]Here is an interactive web site built with Xojo + some HTML panels (Xojo WebHTMLViewers). Powered by SQLite DB.
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Getting internal server error on this site. Was working earlier today.
Please PM me when you get a chance.

[quote=129558:@Alan Sawyer]Tony,
Getting internal server error on this site. Was working earlier today.
Please PM me when you get a chance.[/quote]

Looks like its back up.

Yes it is. That was fast… lol

i shared one app

I’ve made a litte 2-Player-Game here with Xojo:

My next WebApp:

This is a little tool, where you can manage your projects togheter with your clients or partners.
You define projects and add ‘Steps’. Steps are like ‘Todos’. But the gimmick is, that you can chat to each step with every invited person.

Here’s the link:

And here’s a screenshot:

This time it’s in german, but I will add english soon

This iOS Style looks great. Are you using WebListboxes or Canvas?

Thanks! I always spent a lot of time for an good user interface.

I use neither Canvas nor Listboxes. I use WebContainerContriols, instantiate them and add them at runtime.

I always store them into an array so I can access and change them easily.

Our Shanghai IT Company, build several XOJO Web App Cases, like the Health Docs System:

Welcome to discuss!

[quote=194168:@? ?]Our Shanghai IT Company, build several XOJO Web App Cases, like the Health Docs System:

Images did not show. I took the links out. Very nice design.

What did you use for the drop area ? Does it work in all browsers ?

We had a long thread about that last year but pending the arrival of the Xojo built in solution promised by Geoff at XDC, nothing is full bullet proof.


I have different projects:

Two password generators for my daily use. So I must not remember these difficult passwords, because I use allways the same password and generating with the name of the website a new password.

The first one uses not the length of the password for the generating algorithm:

The second one uses the length for the generating algorithm, means different length generates a complete different password

A programm for calculating slewing rings (huge bearings) for wind energy or cranes

Solidworks Premium edition got a FEM (Finite element method) tool inside, called Solid Works Simulation. It´s really good. You can have bolts in your FEM design, but you have to know what to do with the FEM Bolt results. So I made a tool for a bolt strength analysis with Solid Works Simulation.

Last project is to transfer my bolt calculation software Screwtool to a web version. I work now at the final version. A not complete ready alpha version you could find here:

This is a professional job of mine for a local authority:

It’s called “SIP” = pupil information portal

45.000 pupil and parents and 450 schools get a lot of information on this site. Every has it’s own login where a lot of data is displayed. They can interact with the authority, look into their data, plan their school-transportation and much more.

The App has over 5.000 unique visits and interactions per month.

looks great… but wait… why does your home screen looks so familiar? :wink: