Deploy Xojo Web to Ubuntu 20.04 - Lifeboat Update


I have been building an app to help deploy Xojo Web apps to Linux servers. It supports CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu and works with Digital Ocean and Lightsail! It’s working well, and I’m in the final rounds of testing. Please check out the website for more details about Lifeboat itself!

Today I have another update for Lifeboat! It adds support for Ubuntu 20.04 and beefs up the SSL configuration to achieve a Grade A rating from SSL Labs. I wanted to get this pre-release update into hands for testing as it packs a number of changes and fixes.

Here’s what’s new in Build 40:
New: Support for Ubuntu 20.04
New: Set server Date, Time, and Timezone
New: Web Address domain validation (checks characters are valid)
New: Web Address in use column
New: Web App domain column
New: Disable ssh password authentication for additional security
New: Upload files drop now ignores .DS_Store and Thumbs.db
New: SSL Config can now get a Grade A from SSL Labs
Fixed: Removing address assignment from Static Files now works correctly
Fixed: Static Files configuration errors no longer unset address assignment
Changed: Server flavor label now indicates version as well
Changed: Lifeboat will now remove Apache from the system if found
Changed: Lifeboat can now create the source directory for custom Static Files paths
Changed: Removed SpecialFolder locations that are nil because of Framework issues
Changed: Connecting to an unsupported server flavor now offers User Guide
Changed: Can no longer take over servers due to low success rate

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Tim Parnell


This is great!