Deploy to iPhone - A Sure Thing?

Is there any way to deploy a hello world app to my iPhone to be sure I can do it without too much hassle without buying apple developer account and buying iOS xojo license first? I ask because of the issues I am reading about others having. Thanks.


You’ll need a Xojo iOS (or Pro) license in order to build iOS apps to install on the device.

There is a way to install a built iOS app on the device without an Apple Dev account by using the Xcode Free Provisioning Profile, but it is tedious.

In general, troubles can occur with provisioning profiles and certificates, but these same troubles can also occur with Xcode. Most people do not have trouble.

There is more information here:

And remember, Xojo has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Hassles are part of development! There are deployment issues from time-to-time but I think this is mostly due to the complexity of Apple’s provisioning process. I had them in the beginning and I hold my breath whenever I have to update my iOS distribution certificate each year (which I am about to do again). However rest assured that Xojo can create apps which deploy to devices and the App Store.