Demos of Xojo apps

I’m curious to see what kinds of apps people have developed using Xojo. Would appreciate anybody sharing links to their apps online.

maybe just read this thread

There are a lot of apps besides web apps.
See or

Document management system


Username: master
Password: 123

Very cool. Do you limit all docs to PDFs?

SQLite Database Manager

Yet another SQLite Database tool :slight_smile:

A stock market analysis tool for NYSE, NASDAQ and JSE:

Some tinkering with 3D graphics:

Open source MongoDB driver for Xojo:
MongoDB Driver

Open source Xojo SVG drawing library (only for basic SVG images, not a full implementation):

Tools for Xojo written in Xojo

DGED can store every file’s type. Pdf, MS Office files, LibreOffice and image files can be viewed using online preview. For other file’s types you have to download them. Around DGED, always using Xojo, we have created other tools to import docs reading from pdf and barcode, a webservice for connect DGED from mobile, a tool for the docs distribution through mailing and more else. Some of our customers have more than 1 million saved documents into DGED. If you’re evaluating Xojo, you can be sure; it’s a GREAT, GREAT TOOL.

Here’s one that’s not so much a Xojo-based Web app as it is a Web site:

There’s a lightweight, custom CMS that the client uses to self-manage the content. It uses a SQLite database.

However, the school information is pulled from a hosted FileMaker database. To see it in action, go to the Schools page, select a county (such as “Henrico”), and perform the search. You should see a dynamically generated map of the schools that meet the criteria, as well as a table of those schools. You can click on a school in the table to see its details. Note that those URLs are SEO-friendly permalinks.

iPhone/iPad app made with Xojo

Your app crashes, please have a look on the crash report.


[quote=346620:@Aurelian Negrea]Your app crashes, please have a look on the crash report.

It’s a demo and there’s a reset every 15 minutes. I think you have try during the reset

All my apps link from here:

Wow, that is quite a collection of apps David. Well done. is software for event-, information- and document management:


[quote=346471:@Pietro Beccegato]Document management system


Username: master
Password: 123[/quote]
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