Deleting events crashes Xojo

Sometimes (too many times), when I try to delete an event. Xojo crashes? I am the only on here who thinks Xojo is very crappy when it comes to stability. Xojo crashes happen so often that I do not have the time to use Xojo Feedback. It just happens to often. Tbh, deleting an event seems like a simple enough task to not glitch up on me. Do the Xojo team who are programming the user interface, suck at programming or something? I am annoyed and suprised by how buggy Xojo? Can I please download an older version of Real Studio so that I can use it without Real Studio crashing as often. I want to keep my Xojo project and my free Xojo license though. As I am using the free version of Xojo. :\ Another one question is, what is the best operating system for the most stable experience with Xojo. Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac but if I really need to, I will switch to a Mac. I have had strange troubles with trying to install Linux and I do not have a big hard drive for multiple partitions but if there is anyway I can get a more stable version Xojo/Real Studio for whatever OS, please help me. I have Windows 8 and I would be very happy to downgrade to Windows 7 or XP.


Oliver, writing about bugs should be backed with a case #number on the Feedback app. Please, check if your case is already registered, if not, register, and write the number back here. Don’t forget steps to reproduce, attached sample when possible, etc.