Delete record in sql file

How do you delete a record in a sql file?

My code is doing nothing.

    sqlreturn = Storm.DBConnection.Default.SQLExecute("Delete from Client where 'ID' = 2")

Commit ?!

Assuming ID is numeric the code should be:

Storm.DBConnection.Default.SQLExecute "Delete from Client where ID = 2"

Frederick…that did not work either.

I have previously been able to delete all records from a table using:

Storm.DBConnection.Default.SQLExecute “Delete from Client”

I did not have to call any type of Commit statement.

I am using the Storm code which makes it easy to create objects to use in interfacing to database.
Unfortunately the sample Storm code does not show how to delete. Nor can I find it in the documentation.

The key word being “previously”. I believe the need for Commit changed somewhere along the line. Did you try it with a commit, using Frederick’s code (yours is definitely wrong).

Actually I just got it to work using Fredericks code… due to a different issue the code was not executing after I changed it to Frederick’s suggestion.

I did not add any commit statement… don’t even know how to do that with Storm.