Delete key stops working?

Is it me or is xojo got a big fat bug related to the “delete” key on a Mac?

I’ve got a Macbook Pro tethered to an Apple LCD and I use a Mac keyboard (the one with the numeric keypad on it) and after a short amount of time in xojo my delete key stops working. If I restart xojo, the delete key will work again for a while but eventually will stop working sometime during the next few hours.

No idea what causes it, but it’s happened almost every day since I switched to xojo.

I know it’s xojo because if I load a different project in RS2012r2.1 the delete key still works. I only have one project that I can load in xojo so I haven’t been able to test if it is something in my current project, but that seems like a stretch.

I do not use any key re-mapping software that could be causing this.

Anyone else run into this?