Delay in WebPage after lots of Container controls are displayed

I am displaying 50 - 200 containers in a web page (dynamically) As an example, it takes 5 seconds before they show and another 10 seconds before the system will respond with a mouse down in one of those container’s controls (Checkbox, textfield, etc.)

This is not a problem on the desktop and not a problem in Debug mode on the web. Only deployed. (Where I’m assuming the issue is a lot of traffic between the application and the browser.)

So here is my question. What can I use to determine what the cause is so that I know whether it is something that can be improved? Also, I would prefer that it was not visible until closer to being responsive, if I can’t find anything to reduce the time. As far as I can tell, it is not executing any of my code during that time where it is visible but not responsive.

I think when I was using Add function for WebPages before converting to containers, it took about the same overall time, but didn’t show until the controls were responsive.

Yeah, don’t do that. Put as many of them as possible into the webpage as you can at design time.

Every call to EmbedWithin has a bunch of overhead. Reduce them as much as possible.

You might be better off only displaying them when the user actually sees them but it’s been my experience in a big web app that it will still be slow.

Here is a sample project:

The entire page is driven by the database.

Does it make sense to drag 100 instances of 3 different container types into the window at design time? Would that be better than using some combination of these 3 types between 50-200 total?

Indeed, I think there is big optimization needs. While the controls are put in design time. Maybe the websockets improve this?