Delaney`s ComplexMatrix plugin in not working in Xojo 2022 r44.1

Dear all,

I have used Delaney`s ComplexMatrix plugin since 2005, in MacOs, Windows and Linux. Today I installed Xojo 2022 r4.1 in my new iMac 24 Monterrey 16 Gb. I was surprised to discover that the plugin is not working. My software depends on this plugin. Should I downgrade the Xojo version? I will appreciated any hint to solve this fatal problem. Thanks.


What version of Xojo were you using previously?

You don’t mention whether you have the updated plugin. It is now maintained by Einhugur.

Hi Tim,

In my Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.4 the plugin is perfectly working, as always. But in my old Macbook I have REALbasic 9. The plugin woks well too.


Hi Jerry,

I did not know. I always downloaded from Delaney`s page. I will check now. Thanks.


Thanks Bjorn! I will test now.

There are lots of errors when I try to run the example testComplexMatrix.xojo_binary_project.

In my software, the problems are with the inverse and transpose methods (12 problems only). Some hint?

There are some Syntax changes…

Check the auto generated documentation.

Basically most or all Global methods are gone and are now either class methods or shared methods. (Since Global methods been more or less forbidden for many years in plugins !)

Thanks Bjorn! I will read it.

Very simple changes. Thanks again!

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