Define Encodings When Populating ListBox

I’m populating a listbox with data that has special characters (generally just curly quotes) but I can’t seem to get define encodings to work here (and I have “Diamonds Are Forever” singing in my ears!)

I’m doing this:

ProjectTracksList.AddRow(DefineEncoding(tracksRS.Field("title").StringValue, Encodings.UTF8))

…but it’s still displaying diamonds.

Any ideas?

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That suggests that the data ISN’T UTF8
You use define encoding to say “this bunch of bytes IS this encoding - really”
But the bytes have to be that encoding otherwise you’re just going to have issues like this

What kind of DB did this come from & what encoding is IT set to use ?

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Norman - turns out it was actually Windows Latin1.

This is data created by someone else btw and he swore blind to me it was utf8!

Thanks for your help.

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