Define a new URN to support Feedback in a browser?

Hi Folks,

The latest version of the Feedback installer doesn’t seem to install a URN/Mimetype for itself on Linux.

Does anyone have a mimetype setting that would enable feedback:// URLs to resolve to the Feedback app?

Even if it did, I don’t believe Feedback is set up to resolve the report #s on Linux, so it won’t get you very far.

@Greg O’Lone I wish we could access Feedback reports as a URL even if we don’t have a current Xojo.

Feedback (the app) has never worked for me at any time during my long use of RealBasic and Xojo.
So when someone posts ‘see this feedback item’ in the forum it may as well be in Swahili, as I cant see that either.

Maybe we should start an open bug database like people did with Apple’s