Default Icon detection - MBS or

I can get the icon used by a file using GetIconImageMBS

This gets me either a custom image I applied, or it gets me the icon associated with the file type.
Is there a way to KNOW that the image returned is only ‘the default for the filetype’
because if so , I would like to go an generate a alternate image instead

Thanks for moving this Anthony, but I’m not inisting that a solution involve plugins, hence the title MBS or…

Well, if a file on macOS has a custom icon, it has a resource fork with the image, I think.

e.g. if folderitem.LogicalFileResLengthMBS shows a size > 0, you may use ResourceForkMBS class to check if it contains an icon type.

I’ll give that a try, thanks, (although I though resource forks were obsolete…)

I got a result. Thanks.