Default button looks wrong on Windows/Linux

There seems to be some funkiness with a Pushbutton that’s set to Default. If you keep the height at 20, it’s fine on a Mac and on Windows/Linux, albeit too “short”. But if you set the height to 25, it looks terrible on all the platforms.

Is this just me?

This is true in 2014r3 too.

There’s funkiness with a pushbutton not set to default too (at least on OS X.) I dragged one to a window and tried to make it taller, both via inspector and dragging. The bounds of the button grew, but not the drawn part of the button. I clicked default enabled in the inspector and suddenly the button drew to the expected size. Toggling off default left it at the correct size and resizing it afterwards was as expected.

I see the same thing, but there’s more. If I turn off Default on the button that’s troubling me, I still can’t resize it properly. If I increase the height in the inspector from 20 to 25, the bounds increase as expected but the button itself appears shorter! None of the other buttons on the window do that.

In fact drag a default button and a generic button onto a window. Start them out with a height (via the inspector) around 10. Have a third button that increases their height by 1 with each click. Click away and see what happens.

I haven’t tried that, but doing it manually, it looks like the sweet spot is around 30.

Do you want to file the Feedback report since you have the test project? If not, can you send it to me so I can do it?

I can file one.



You rock.