Default button bug?

Xojo version = 2016R3.
Tested on Arch Linux x86_64, Linux Mint 17.2 x86, and Linux Mint 17.1 x64.


  1. Add TextArea and Default Button (Ok Button) to a form and do nothing, just run it.
  2. Click the default button
  3. Click TextArea and start typing
  4. press enter button. The cursor will not move to the next line, instead the default button will receive focus.

Can anybody confirm this behavior before fill the bug report?

Multiline enabled on the TextArea?

Yes of course.

Than this is normal behavior.

Sorry @Christian, I didn’t quite understand this. Why is this a normal behavior? It should act like multiline input text. Consider I need a user to input multiline text like in the image below, how can I achieve that? I know by replacing the default button with standard button will fix this.

When the focus is on the text area, the return goes there.
If the focus is not on a text area, the return goes to the focussed control.
If no control takes the return key, it goes to the window and if that doesn’t take it too, than it triggers the default button.

Aha, I understand that concept. In here, we rarely use the term “Return” for Enter key.

I’m trying to track the focus and see what happen when i press “Enter” key. As you can see, when the focus in TextArea, I still can’t add EOL to the input although the focus is still there.

It works different from previous versions. The big enter-key shows up in KeyDown as (asc) 13, the little enter key shows up in KeyDown as (asc) 3. We have a solution, but I guess that won’t work with large texts. We catch the chr(3) in KeyDown and if it’s at the last textposition we add chr(13), if not we insert a chr(13) at SelStart.

I don’t know why you would be getting a Chr(3) [end of text ETX]… It makes some sense, but generally you should either get Chr(10) or Chr(13)…

on an extended keyboard with a numeric keypad the numeric keypads enter key generally gives you chrb(3)

Yes, the ‘Return’ key which is the one near the main keys (generally below backspace) is completely different from the ‘Enter’ key on the numeric keypad.

Return means ‘Carriage Return’ (including a line feed) from the typewriter days. The Enter key essentially means ‘submit/commit’.

It really disturbs me when I see a keyboard labelled with two ‘Enter’ keys :frowning:

Actually, looking a 4 keyboards at my work, two PC and 2 MAC the said offending keyboards with two Enter keys are on the PCs only - the mac keyboards are labelled correctly.

Been awhile since I’ve used a full-sized keyboard and wasn’t aware that the Enter key gave a different ascii code…