Default ActiveCell properties

I “assume” that the ListBox.ActiveCell is a single TextEdit that gets shown as needed. i.e. it’s the same control, sitting on top of the ListBox?

So, if so (or even if not), how do I access this TextEdit to set some default properties, instead of having to set them every time from an event?
I tried setting Me.ActiveCell.Mask = “###” in the ListBox’s Open event, but that mask isn’t applied.

Seems wasteful and inefficient to have to set the same mask every time a cell is edited.
I even tried creating another TextField that I can set the Mask on and then assigning it to ActiveCell, but it looks like ActiveCell is readonly.

So likely there’s no way to access this TextEdit?

ActiveCell is created fresh every time you edit a cell. It is not reused.

Copy that. Thank you.