Have a look at DeepCoder and prepare yourself for things to come.

If they can get it to build efficient graphical user interfaces then I’ll be impressed.

… is this the same deepcoder who implemented ads into windows recently?

Systems have been replacing people in low value added tasks for quite a while. For example, bookkeepers were largely replaced by computerized ledger (and further with ERP) systems decades ago. It was only a question of time before low value added development tasks are performed by expert systems. Change is the name of the game.

On the topic brought forward by @Tomas Jakobs , it is possible to remove much of Windows 10 publicity and monitoring annoyances. A utility called O&O ShutUp10 will stop most of the intrusions, kill Cortana (who needs Cortana or Siri anyway?) and remove also much of the “calling home” that Windows 10 does by changing registry keys. It will revert the changes should you decide to return to factory defaults. That new ad thing in File Explorer (coming in the next feature update), can be removed by unclicking an option in File Explorer. Proceed this way (until Microsoft blocks that too…):

  • Start File Explorer and click View and then click the Options icon.
  • Click the View tab. Scroll through the list of options in the Advanced settings section.
  • Near the bottom of the list, uncheck the option labeled “Show sync provider notifications”. (a new option in the Creators Update)
  • Accept the change. You should be good as before.

Thank you for this link, good to have such a tool on the list when giving support next time :wink: though I am using macOS and Linux the most time. Youre touching two topics at the same time, and I would like to add more on Privacy but lets stick with deepcode.

Yes basic tasks always have been replaced by better/ higher levels of components, APIs, scripts or languages. I do still remember the time, where I needed to read and set registers before calling interrupt 33h in order to get my current mouseX and mouseY postion and button states in my Power-Basic DOS programs. This is 25 years ago… shit I am getting old… Today a simple event is doing all this stuff for me. The bottomline is… Deepcoder ironically won’t replace developers. it will act as framework with prefilled methods, actions and all bits of information - the basic stuff, the interrupt stuff - while a developer will bring everything to a shape.

So I don’t worry about this… we all know Microsoft and their announcements…
They should better get their broken WebDAV support in Win10 in a working state.

We can’t even get software specifications right human to human, let alone to a human to computer!

I got involved in my first AI application back in 1990, lots of Uni professor involved etc… 4 years and $20m later it was scrapped - turns out the experts kept jumping stems and the system kept going crazy!

Next was a couple of trading systems - the math part was great except the humans in the market kept screwing it up for the machines…

Conclusion - Might have more success getting humans to act like machines rather than the other way around.

You could probably get a machine to do all the coding. The only thing the user would have to do, is to explain EXACTLY what is required to solve the problem at hand… oh wait - isn’t that what programmers do?