Decryption problem in XOJO

Hello guys,

          I would like to see if anyone can help me, I have a system Encrypt and Decrypt a file that contains dates to see if one of my projects is still ok validation period until RS 2011R4.3 it works perfectly but now I'm migrating everything XOJO this feature does not work, follow the code below for analysis:

[code] dim f, f2 as folderitem
dim readbin as binaryStream
dim writebin as binarystream
dim dataexpira as date
dim dataregistro as date
dim teste as boolean
dim datahoje as date
dim datareal as date
dim v1, v2, v3, v4 as string
dim parsedate1, parsedate2, parsedate3 as boolean
dim i as integer
dim b as boolean


if f.exists then

'new data
datareal=new date
dataexpira=new date
dataregistro=new date
datahoje=new date

'Folderitens, false)                                   'f.openasBinaryFile(false)


dataexpira.SQLDate=V1                 '<<<<  PROBLEM START HERE  !

expirastring="Program at” + dataexpira.shortdate[/code]

HexRollDecypher Code:

[code] Dim val, result as string
Dim i, num as integer

for i = 1 to len(Pass) step 3
val = Chr( Val("&H" + Mid(Pass, i, 2)) )
result = result + val

result = RollCypher(result)

return result[/code]

Tanks All.

CHR should probably be substituted for CHRB

You really are a genius Norman Palardy.

I owe you more this.

Thank you very much ! ! !

It is these issues that I’m a fan of XOJO and all your staff.

Tanks !