DecodeURLComponent and URLs with &

This: %20&%20, part of an encoded URL stays as is (in fact only &) after a DecodeURLComponent(theURLtoDecodeString).

a. Is it normal behaviour ?

b. Of course, now that I know, I can pass the URL to ReplaceAll and store the result, but when I was able to really test the code I wrote yesterday, it surprise me.

PS: I will not found that if Firefox does not complains when I tried to download the file (whose url holds a & [&] character)

& is not urlencoding, its an html character code… the function is working as intended.

Urlencoding is the hex value of ascii keycodes.

The character code number for space is 32… the hex value of 32 is 20…thus %20.

I do not know for the computer browsers, but I can read easilly an url with spaces but I have troubles when the URL have ù20, ù28, %29, (and other % for [], etc.) ;-:).

Thank you Mattew.