DECODEURL include "+" from json return

Hi Guys,

I implemented a HANDLEURL event to receive json string.

I used im data As String = DecodeURLComponent(Request.Entity.DefineEncoding(encodings.UTF8))

and it returns

My concern is at that it puts “+” sign on the part of “message” : Tst+31" where it should be SPACE.

Anybody know how to fix it?

You should not encode the data as a url component.


so what should I need to use?

The entity should be send and received without urlencode

The properties are a little confusing because I don’t recall any other environment calling it “Entity”.

It is the body of the request. The URL is simply a header and URL’s are encoded so they can play nicely in your browser URL bar. The only thing that should be URLencoded/URLdecoded are the URL’s in the header and not the body (or entity as Xojo calls it).

This solves the problem.

Thanks Phillip!