Debugging Windows on Mac with Parallels


I’m running Parallels and Win 10, and when I try to debug, I get a message that it failed to connect properly.
Any suggestions?

In the past I used VM Ware and never had any config issues or tasks… everything just worked.

I use both Virtual Box and Parallels. When switching between virtual machines, the IP address of the virtual machine can be different to the one that Xojo is looking for (eg if I was previously connecting to a Virtual Box VM but now want to connect to a Parallels VM) so check in Xojo preferences that Xojo can actually “see” your virtual machine.

Not sure what you mean by check that it can “see”. I’m using the IP address that the debugger resorts in the main window. Is that what you are referring to?

Within Xojo, chooses Preferences from the Xojo menu. Then choose the Debugging tab. Then click the Add button. Does your Parallels VM name and IP address appear there? If it does, select it and add it and all should be well. If it doesn’t, then Xojo can’t “see”/find/locate the Remote Desktop Debugger app in your VM. In that case, check that you’re using the latest Remote Desktop Debugger app that shipped with your version of Xojo. I noticed I had to install the latest version of this within my VM last month in order for Xojo to find it.

Ah I hear you… Yes (no), it does not auto-discover. But then it never did on previous VMs either, so I just keyed it in.
I have seen it auto-populate in the past in other situations, but not always.

I’ll double check firewall (etc), but since this is actually piggybacking on my Mac’s Network, I don’t think that’s it.

I restarted everything and it magically works… Auto-discovered too.

Thanks for the feedback Jason.

You’re welcome Chris. Glad you got it sorted.

I find this UI confusing, as the IDE really should store the combination of InterfaceIP + MachineIP together, rather than making the use manually switch the InterfaceIP. I submitted a feature request on this: <>