Debugging issues

Hi to all. I have two questions tegarding drbugging.
First, i am not able to see variables names in debugging window whenever put a break in the cide or a bug is found.
Second, is any esy to put line numbers in the code and then when a java script error occurs in running time, to be able to identify in which line the code needs to be fixed?

For javascript errors, you can catch these with a window.onerror handler. In my desktop app which uses an HTMLviewer, I have this:

window.onerror = function (errmess, url, linenum) // Capture JavaScript errors { window.status = "Error:JavaScript error at line " + linenum + " - " + errmess; }

and the change to window.status causes an event to fire in the Xojo code, so I can log the error. That tells me what type of error it was and where it occurred. Now, as yours is a web app (and I’ve not done one of those), you’d need to adapt this somehow to get hold of the error message as appropriate.

Yes but why i can’t see variable names in debugging panel? Is there is particular settings in cojo preferences config file?

So when you hit a breakpoint, what do you see in the debugger panel? Could you show us a screenshot?

is there any email to send as an attachment?Basically on the right side, below Xy there are values in a list with blue letters like Globals etc and with black letters on the values of the variables (eg just the name of the database assigned in a variable).The dropdown combo text is “variables”. But i can’t see in which variable the database name is assigned…

It looks like the column that lists the variable names has been resized to zero width.

Yes, but I did expand on the left, the box but still can’t see variable names.Is there any preference setting for it. I have never touched the default Xojo settings. Is there something I can do?

Try making the navigator narrower and hiding the Library/Inspector.

Now on the debugger variable list, click and hold on the left edge of the value header and drag to the right.

Dit it!