Debugging in Mac vs. Windows


So I am trying to extract information from a xojo program that I have written (e.g., time it took to press a button).

I am currently testing this through the “run” function in xojo via windows computer. However, I am having trouble extracting the information out from the program. In a mac, I do not have this problem. From what I have gathered, it seems that for a windows xojo, running a program creates a new folder “debugmyapplication” while a mac does not. Is there a way to circumvent this?

What are you trying to do? Ignore all the technology you know, tell us the actual thing you want to do.

I want to record the time it took to press a button after an image is shown. What I’ve done is set up a “start time” when the image is shown and an “end time” when the button is pressed. I subtract the “start time” from the “end time” to get this response time value. I am trying to export this value into a textfile.

So is this the part that’s conflicting with the normal IDE behavior of deleting the debug folder?

All you need to do is change how you save the file. Use a better location like SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child("YourApp") or ask the user where to save the file.

If you’re being ultra lazy, some people might suggest SpecialFolder.Desktop, but that is a really awful habit to get into. It will work for the purposes of an example, but any use beyond that is unwise.

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It worked! Thank you very much!