Debugging at start of app

When debugging the begging of the web app I get a message:

Is there any way to get rid of this?

Thats the IDE asking if you want to keep waiting for the app being debugged to connect to the IDE

I get this message a lot when something has interrupted program flow at the very beginning of the app - like initialization checks. I keep pressing yes until I’ve looked at what stopped it in the debugger. I also get it occasionally with very, very large web projects when it first starts up in the debugger.

I saw that message a lot because the virusscanner saw a new executable and decided it was not scanned before. My solution was to make a directory(folder) for web-apps and exclude the whole folder from scanning by the virusscanner. However you have to take care to not use that directory for other purposes to keep away from being vulnerable for virusattacks.