Debugger: where is the Listbox.RowTag Property ?

In a project, I have two kind of information “source” displayed by a Listbox and all goes well:
a. Data from a sqlite db file,
b. PDF (or PNG…) scans from a master (and sons) folder.

At ExpandRow time, I added either the db Unique ID or a FolderItem to the scan file.

Display the data in the Listbox is OK. I implemented a “Double Click” (in the Listbox) displays the data contents (not just a short display).

I will say it works fine (always the same Record #, but it is certainly my fault).

For forgotten reasons, I wanted to get in the debugger the RowTag contents (I rely on it for the display contents part).

I checked in Xojo 2015r1, then 2018r2 and all I get is RowHeight, then ScrollBarHorizontal, but RowTag is not displayed.

Do you have the same ?

PS: I added a Beep and a Breakpoint in the DoubleClick Event for this purpose (read the .RowTag contents).

Specifically, RowTag is a Variant. I wanted to know what is its value… when there is nothing in RowTag… (and eventually, check the type for Integer and FolderItem…).

whenever I have to debug something which uses a non-local , or ‘difficult to find’ variable, I do something like this:

dim vForDebug as variant vForDebug = mylist.rowtag(row)
And vForDebug show up easily in the local variables window at debug time.

When you view the contents of the ListBox in the debugger you can switch between “text”, “rowtag”, and “celltag” views.

Jeff: good idea.

In my case, the Listbox was here in the debugger.

Andrew: ? (I do not understand). I check and… I still do not understand.

I was not saying that I do not have the Value of the RowTag Variable, but I do not have in the debugger the RowTag Variable.

BTW: the CellTag Property too is missing (not displayed at all).

Back from checkings.

I used:

[code] dim vForDebug as variant

vForDebug = Me.rowtag(row)[/code]

And I know what I wanted to know: if RowTag was not set, its value is Nil.

Problem solved. Thank you all.

The debugger doesn’t show RowTag and CellTag with the properties because they are methods. To view them in the debugger access the “Contents” variable and switch the view option:

Hi Andrew,

from here, I cannot see the image (filtered). I will check once at home.


I understand now ! I never saw that before…

Edit: I checked Contents with images (more ?), but never there.

I do the same but I call is AAAdebug so it’s always at the top of the list in Xojo’s small panel debug window. More than once it’s made me think about bad programming practices we fall into just because they make debugging easier :smiley:

I have always wondered why, in debug mode, Xojo doesn’t take better advantage of available space. Having the variable list and stack taking so little space seems like a waste (and navigating could be simpler as well, especially moving around the tree.

And once again, I raise the annual cry for an ‘Immediate window’ or for fly-over variable values.
God, the work that would save.

'print  listbox1.celltag'
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Having a real Xojo MacOS Code IDE would do that for me.

“I was feeling insecure” since Xojo’s out (in 2013) and I do not understand why at the time. Since some months, I am starting to realize it is because O never know how the IDE will behave: my WIndows experience is low, very low, so I am always lost when I use the Code Editor :frowning:

The Window Editor also have is downs…

Not been able to navigate in the interface using the arrow keys ? Yes, that slowdown my (slow) productivity.

The One Row at a Time Selection is also on the top of weird things as well as the drawer window who never remember its previous size…

Sorry folks, I digress once again.