Debugger Variables Popup

If I put a breakpoint into code and run my project, the debugger appears as it should. However, the Variables popup is extremely slow. Slow to the tune of at least a second for the popup to appear.

Anyone else seeing this?

Not sure how to report this. Want some confirmation from other folks. Using 4.1 FC.

Depends on what you’re debugging since to show the popup there’s a fair amount of information that has to be sent from the app being debugged to the IDE
If you have lots of properties with lots of data that can be slow

If you debug the same app in 2016r3 and /or 2016r4 do you see the same behaviour ?
I’m not aware we changed anything that should have this effect

Video of it here. I don’t think there’s a ton of data.

I’m seeing this too – see my post in the beta forum. Still need to check at what version it appears.