Debugger suggestion: jump to Edit

When debugging line by line I often see a change that needs to be made. Often I will have editable code available in a tab, but it would be good to have a button in the debugger that jumped to the editable window of the same code, or opened a new tab with the editable code. Ideally it would auto-scroll down to the line that the debugger is up to, plus a back button would be nice to take you back to the debugger tab and line.

If this feature is already available, I am unaware of it!

I agree, many times I felt the need of a such function.
File a report for a feature request.

I have added it as a Feature Request. It is not solely related to the Beta.


Such a feature has my support as well, and is potentially a huge time-saver when it comes to debugging code.

I may be missing what you are looking for but there is a pencil icon in the debugger toolbar that will go to the item being viewed for editing. To get back you can click the App name in the Navigator “RUN” section.

Peter, I can see that now - thank you. It does open the edit window, but it doesn’t position you where the debugger is stopped.

That would be nice for longer methods.