Debugger Stops Code at "Next" statement

I feel like I am doing something dumb here. There are no break points in my code but while running in the IDE, the debugger stop at the next statement of all for/next loops. It is acting exactly like a breakpoint. I can click the resume button and the code continues. I closed Xojo and reopened and the issue remains.

so, in case anyone cares, I am using 2015 r2.2 on Windows. I deleted the xojo registry entries and some xojo folders in users/myname/appdata/roaming/xojo. That did not help. I tried a different project. That did not help. So, at that point it seemed to be Xojo and not the project. I then rebooted and the problem went away. Very strange

Let us hope the gremlin does not come back. Never heard of such an issue before.

I had the same issue today (when rain came I had to close my notebook quickly and maybe I hit some keys). I suppose it is a windows special. I thougt if this could be a nice debugging tool. But if my app stops at every for…next then it would be to much. After windows (8.1) reboot it was gone.