Debugger Crashes 2018r4 on Windows with web app 64Bits


I went into several intermitent crashes with my web project. I’m on Windows 10 on a Parallels Virtual Machine.

Hard to identify what action causes it as you might imagine… When it happens, it crashes always at the same progression level of the compiling process (it freezes at the save number of items). Between crashes, I’ve been mainly :
1- making changes such as adding (duplicating, and renaming) and removing controls
2- modifying methods refering to the previous controls so they refer to the new replacement controls

After restarting, everything is back to normal and the project compliles successfuly.

[code]Here is the Event details from the Journal.

  • 1000 2 100 0x80000000000000 7961 Application ROGER-PARALLEL
  • Xojo.exe 00000000 XojoGUIFramework64.dll 5c074fe6 c0000005 00000000000f9ade c44 01d493cf926f018c C:\\Program Files\\Xojo\\Xojo 2018r4\\Xojo.exe C:\\Program Files\\Xojo\\Xojo 2018r4\\XojoGUIFramework64.dll 03a84011-d729-4d13-afdc-b833e2607199 [/code]

32 Bits compiling works fine.