As I am developing a quite large desktop application for Windows, I waste quite some time waiting for the debugfolder to be removed each time I get back to coding. (My debugfolder contains about 245 MB / 850 files.)

Why doesn’t Xojo just add and replace files here and give a warning if files might be occupied during copying. Think that would save me quite a bit of time a day.

+1 for this suggestion. I keep user data next to the application so saving this manually and manually recreating the Debugfolder is another chore I could do without. And yes yes, I know I know, I should be keeping that data elsewhere but that is how it is at the moment, when I’m trying to get this app ready for release under Win/Lin as well as macOS. Next version will deal with having the option to keep things in the “standard” places.

Xojo should not delete the Debugfolder, just create it if it doesn’t exist, and just replace whatever it wants to replace inside it.