Debug viewing large dictionary in IDE taking how long?

Just debugging an app, I’ve opened an approx. 13.5k entry dictionary in the IDE variable viewer and everything has locked up, how long should I be expecting this to take, I’ve been waiting 5+ minutes now :frowning:

The app being debugged is literally sending all that data to the IDE
The IDE can’t & doesn’t poke into the insides of the app being debugged

So depending on what you have IN that dictionary it could take a while

Interesting Norman, its just 13.5k strings of about 30-50 characters totalling about 1.1MB of data in total.

I have no feedback to know how fasts its going or how long this will take, if I should wait or kill the task and use another debug method.

It would be nice if the IDE only got the data for the rows that it was showing in the IDE rather than collecting the whole lot with no UI updates/progress meter.


I would not expect a small set of strings to take that long to transfer
Is Task Manager showing any activity in the app being debugged or the IDE ?

Task Manager is showing 5% load on the app (which is 100% load for a single thread app on the 20 logical cpu’s I have).

The exe is showing as 0% usage.

Both are shown as not responding.

did you happen to attach a sample app to the report that shows this ?

I’m making one as we speak :slight_smile:

Demo project added, super simple, just change the loop to 1000 to see it break.

It’s seemingly getting exponentially slower, the time between 200 and 300 is not the same as going from 0 to 100

100 0.7
200 2.43
300 6.33
400 12.8
500 23.3

so 1000 would take around 10 minutes to view :frowning:

what do those numbers represent ?
I assume the first one is number of elements ?

Yeah, the loop size, and thus the dictionary size and thus the list size in the variable view, second number is the number of seconds to return UI interactivity and thus the view of the dictionary in the IDE.

Glad I didnt wait for 13.5k to render, its around 1.00565E+33 years! :slight_smile: The universe is only approximately 1.3E+10 years old !

I’ve seen that also a lot.
Would love to have it go in chunks and maybe with a timer loading 100 items every few milliseconds, so it keeps responsive.

Same problem with huge arrays.

We usually wait a few seconds before we kill Xojo.

I view these on macOS all the time and never have this issue
its how I debug the IDE

This doesn’t work either for not-very-large amounts of text. See <>.

I just tried the feedback project in macos and it was just as slow.