Debug trouble

Problems with debug on a new program.
Not sure when this started and the problem is only occurring on a new project which is still in its infancy state. It does not seem to happen on my older programs.
Granted I have not used this for a while so it can be something silly.

In the App open event handler I have

  mdb = New MSSQLServerDatabase
  // Only state the connection and the Database, without user name & password it will use the Windows authentication
  mdb.Host = ""
  mdb.DatabaseName = "Funnel"
  mainWindow = New defaultWindow
  If mdb.Connect Then
    //proceed with database operations
    // The below lines seem to be causing the issue and I do not see why it works once and then the debugger gives up
    DataFldr  = GetFolderItem("").parent.child("Data") //DataFldr is public property
    if not DataFldr.Exists then
    End If
    ProcessCmdLine("") // This will also show the main window
    MsgBox("Connection error:" + mdb.ErrorMessage)
  End If
  // Set the application to AutoQuit, so if all windows are closed then the application will quit.
  app.autoQuit = true

I can run the code in debug mode once and then no more when I try to debug a second time nothing seems to happen no response on break points nor any output from the msgBoxes
I uninstalled this version downloaded it fresh and installed again same behavior

Some help would be welcome

Best regards

It almost sounds like your app has not actually quit.

For debugging purposes I recommend you maybe move this code to the Action event of a button so you can more easily step into it and see what is not working as you expect.

Well I found the problem and it has nothing to do with the program directly.
The Symantec SONAR heuristic scan decided that the actions in my new development working directory were a threat and was putting the code in quarantine. Now I found it I remember I had this once before. I have added some exceptions to prevent this from happening and now it is working as expected again.

So no problem with the compiler or its generated code just Symantec being too trigger happy.

Thank you for your help

Antiviruses can be a real PITA…

Most AV vendors have a place where you can upload FALSE POSITIVES so that they can investigate and update their signatures. It’s their daily business.
PITA or not, we definitely need them since internet is a real battlefield.