Debug quit unexpectedly

Just upgraded to 2014 release 2.
I tried compiling in both Cocoa and Carbon.
When I compile in Carbon, and when I try to add a record to the SQLiteDatabase, the debugger quits with a “Debug quit unexpectedly” message.
It quits on the line app.HPPdb.InsertRecord “HPP”, dr
The next lines don’t get run
if App.HPPdb.Error then
App.DisplayDatabaseError true
end if

Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000

I don’t get this in release 1 or any previous release in either cocoa or carbon.
I don’t get it in release 2 in cocoa. Just in release 2 and just in Carbon.

Perhaps this is related to <>, which is fixed for 2014r2.1, currently in beta.

Thanks. It looks like that’s it.
I guess I’ll work in Cocoa til it is released.

Just found this issue. Glad a fix is on the way!!!