Debug in a different language


I wanted to know if it’s possible to start the debugging in a different language as the one of the system?

It’s possible if we build the app, we can change the language with a command line (on macOS) but could not find a way to do it while debugging the app.

If the solution could work on Windows and macOS, it would be great but focusing on macOS at the moment.

Thank you,


What do you mean by “we build the app with a command line (on macOS)” ?

Do you mean, you are using a command line in the app, like a shell ?

Sorry, wrong text. I edited I meant that I can change the language of the app using command line or a program once the app is built using the build button but can’t with the debug button.

Since the debug app is launched by the IDE, you cannot use App Language Chooser. However, on Mac, you can select another language in the language and region preferences.

You should relaunch to apply to the entire system, but if you don’t, these settings are still applied, and an app relying on dynamic constants will display the system language values.

Yeah it’s working but I need to remember to change back to English before shutting down the computer