Debug - delete

Ok. I understand there is a bug somewhere that causes a DEBUG build to not be deleted which causes an error if you try to compile again…
And that the previous build needs to be manually deleted, or I guess a build script can do it.

BUT… I have gotten the error a few times… yet the named file DOES NOT EXIST… I have looked where it should be, I have searched the entire system yet the file is not there, nor a file with even a similar name.

I added the script from

and that seems to work… but still unsure why I could not find the file

On macOS sometimes the Finder doesn’t update to match the file system. It can be annoying. If you hold Option and click on the Finder icon in the dock an item to Relaunch appears. Relaunching the Finder can sometimes kick it into gear.

Using the command ls in Terminal will give you the list of files in the current directory, even if Finder has decided it doesn’t want to update. You can use the -a flag to include hidden items.