Debug build crashes in 2019 R1.1 but not 2017 R3

Hello all.

Did some edits to an ongoing project in 2019 R1.1, which is my default IDE version. The app compiles and runs fine from the compile, but when I try to do a debug run session, it crashes giving an error “Axcys Embedded has stopped working”. The code is the same, ie same project, same files etc the only difference is the IDE version.

I am running this on Windows 10. I deleted the files in Users _> AppData -> Roaming -> Xojo but that does not help.

Any ideas what it could be/how to fix? It worked fine before I did some changes to the project


Hi Tim - you might want to try removing the Xojo items from the Registry. It seems like something in there could be corrupt.

Hi Jason.

I actually got it to work, but not after uninstalling and reinstalling. I also had to restore from backup the project, not all of the files, just the project file. Was a big PIA but it is all done now.


It’s hard to say what happened but I’m glad it’s working now.