Debug - Browser results in multiple tabs


When I run a WebApp in Safari from the IDE it will always open in the same tab. In other words I’m running an app in debug, then hit stop from the debugger, run again and Safari knows to reuse the existing tab which has timed out.

All the other browsers seem to open a new tab on each debug build rather than reuse the old one.

Does anyone know of way way to turn this off so that the other browsers function like Safari ?


I bet Safari is recognizing that it already has a tab with the requested URL ( ) open, so it’s reloading that tab. You could test this by writing a little GUI app with a button:


Set your default browser to Safari, then Chrome, then Firefox. See what each does in response to multiple clicks of that button.

I don’t see a setting for the behavior you want in Chrome.

Yep - that’s exactly what’s happening.

Just hoping someone’s seen a browser setting I’ve missed.