Debug 64 bit, timeframe?


When will we be able to debug 64 bit apps? 64 bt is added over a year ago (almost 1,5 year). But we’re still not able to debug.
Debugging is real slow if you always have to compile to test.


Did you read about XDC keynote? Some estimates where given.

With a Pro license, you can join the beta program and test anything in the pipeline.

We are currently working on this

[quote=319159:@Norman Palardy]We are currently working on this[/quote]

there is lots of things in the pipeline for this year. There will be lots of great announcements over 2017.

Thanks a bunch for that link guys. I hadn’t read that yet I think :slight_smile:

I have a Pro License, but via a retailer (not directly from, so I don’t have access to the beta program I think :frowning:

Go to the account settings and set the checkbox for beta.

Yes, but my key is bound to the account of the retailer I bought the license from. They send me the license file.

Than they do something wrong.
As far as I know they can buy an activation code and you can redeem it on your account.

You can ask one of the support persons to set you up.

email and they can help you with anything related to your license.

[quote=319159:@Norman Palardy]We are currently working on this[/quote]

Hmmm I didn’t realise all that was on the way, that does change my outloook on things a wee bit.

Thats why we publish our blog, Bob publishes his, and I’m sure there are others, and why we have events like XDC
And there are other ways to keep up to date (emails from us, twitter, etc)

Hi everybody.

Just to let you guys know. I contacted support, proved my purchanse of a pro license and now have access to the beta program.
Support was very helpful!

I’m the same Mathias, but this account is tied to the organisation I work for!

Did you mention this to support?
The company you work for can assign their license to your actual account so you only have to maintain one.

You keep your licenses and have access to the one(s) your employer assigns to you.

Is there any update on 64 bit debugging on Windows yet ?

On the blog page it mentioned that LLVM version 3.7 had only just became available. LLVM is now on v5.0.1 so things appear to have progressed on the LLVM side considerably since back then.

Is there now any timescale as to when 64 bit debugging will be available on the Windows platform ?