Debian's Ian Murdock dead at 42

Hi Folks,

Sad new this past week - Ian Murdoch (Ian of “debian” Linux) died on December 28th. I had the chance to meet Ian and Debra on multiple occasions over the years in the Linux world. I’ll not try to wax poetic, but just say that he will be missed by many in the Linux world.

Debian Linux founder Ian Murdock dead at 42

Sorry - I posted it in the Linux channel because it was specific to Linux.


Time flies. Glad he was able to see the success of his baby.

This whole story reads spooky, with him announcing suicide after claiming to be a victim of police injustice:

Suicide is the long term solution to a short term problem-Insensitive of me to say so, but I have lost too many friends to suicide. I love life and just don’t get why this is the answer.